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Anonymous asked: Hey Ana how are you. I am from Argentina and I supported Brasil when the played vs Holanda. I wanted Latinoamérica to win. I think we don't have to hate each other. We have food, and clothes, and the opportunity to have a thinking brain. We, people from Latinoamérica, need to stick together. Not all argentinians are like you just said. I live here, I can tell that. And I know not all brazilians hate us as well. (I am sorry for my bad english).

Okay, yes I don’t think we have to hate each other either. I even thought this rivalry was funny, and limited to football only, until I went to Buenos Aires. Let’s just say it wasn’t the best experience. It even involved some guy calling me a “puta”. I was 11 years old. I don’t think all Argentinians are horrible people. It’s very unlikely that the 42 million people there suck. I was just never given a reason to think “oh not all Argentinians suck” because I never met one that doesn’t. What I saw was how disrespectful they were during the World Cup and how rude they were to me when I went to Buenos Aires. I know some Brazilians who don’t hate Argentinians though. My grandmother was cheering for Argentina, but I was never given a reason to so, so I don’t think it’s okay for you people to say we “betrayed America”, when you were never nice in the first place. But thank you for being reasonable and not just sending hate, I was kinda expecting that and got 3 people calling me names so far. Your english seems fine to me, but if it’s easier for you you can message me in spanish and I can reply either in English or Portuguese. 

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No vamos a parar de preguntarles QUÉ SE SIENTE./ We won’t stop asking you what it feels like.

Porque nosotros no prendimos fuego nuestra bandera./ Because we didn’t set on fire our own flag.



Nosotros no cambiamos los colores de nuestra bandera por la de un país europeo./ We didn’t change the colors of our flag for the colors of a European country.



A nosotros no nos hicieron 14 goles en todo el mundial (10 goles en 2 partidos)./ We didn’t get scored 14 goals in the Cup (10 goals in two matches).



Nosotros no abucheamos a nuestro equipo cuando salió de la cancha./ We didn’t booed our own team when they were leaving the pitch.



Nosotros no quedamos cuartos en nuestra propia casa./ We did not end up fourth in on our home.


Y si ustedes, con esa falta de originalidad característica, nos preguntan a nosotros qué se siente, sepan que se siente orgullo, un orgullo tremendo, un orgullo que ustedes no conocen ni entienden. Y sentimos dignidad también, pero no sabemos ni siquiera si saben que es eso./ And if you -with all that lack of creativity you have- want to know what we feel, just know that we feel pride, a huge pride, a pride you do not know or understand. We also feel dignity, but we are not really sure if you even know what that is.

Así que por favor, cuéntennos que se siente, porque nosotros no sabemos lo que es todo eso. Una de las características más importantes de un padre, es la de ser sabios. Nosotros fuimos lo suficientemente sabios como para no haber cambiado nunca nuestros colores, ni traicionar a nuestra patria POR UN PARTIDO DE FÚTBOL. Son la vergüenza de América. Argentina va a ser tu padre siempre HEPTA! / So please, let us know what it feels like, because we don’t know any of all that. One of the most important characteristics of a father is being wise. And we were wise enough not to ever change our colors, forget about betraying our country over A FOOTBALL GAME. You are the shame of América. Argentina will always be your father, HEPTA!

Okay, so here ladies and gentlemen, is why we hate Argentinians. I mean, can you get any more ignorant than that? First of all, those pictures of people setting fire to our flag are from protests that had nothing to do with the result of a World Cup match. No one burned the flag because of the 7 x 1. You know the European country you talk about with such disdain? They donated an ambulance to the town where they stayed, created a full-time school program there, hired Brazilian people instead of bringing Germans to work at their training center, were always kind to fans, were interested in learning about our culture (they did a Pataxó dance around the Cup for fuck’s sake). Unlike you, they were respectful about the 7 x 1. They barely celebrated even though that meant they were at the Final, they said we should be proud and that many of their idols are Brazilian players. Meanwhile, Argentinians robbed Brazilians and tourists outside the stadiums because they didn’t have tickets. Argentinians even causes delays in our subway system, because they were jumping, running and singing until the conductor had to stop the train, and then they refused to leave until security got them out. I had to take a 2h flight full or Argentinians during which they only sang songs making fun or Brazil, some old, some new. Did you really expect our support? True, you didn’t end up in fourth in your own home. You didn’t have the chance to. Maybe in a few decades when your economy recovers from how shitty it is you will have the money to host a World Cup and then you’ll have the chance to end up in fourth. I wish you luck on that, you’ll need it. Please do explain, I don’t get how cheering for Germany was “betraying our own country”? Argentina is not my country, thank God. I don’t feel related to Argentina at all. Argentinians treated me pretty badly when I went to Buenos Aires. I have no family in Argentina.I have family in Germany though, and 12 million other Brazilians do too. I don’t see why we shouldn’t cheer for them? I would also like to congratulate you on posting a picture of the Australian team instead of the Brazilian one. I guess that shows how much you cheer for American countries.

Maracana stadium with fireworks after the Final match between Germany and Argentina - world cup 2014

“Brazilians were supporting Germany’s NT. Why? 6 months ago the germans arrived in Santa Cruz Cabrália (Bahia, Brazil) and bought a lot and built a hotel, a health center, a football field, donated an ambulance to the town, created a full-time school program in Cabralia, made a road that led to their training center, didn’t bring german employees hiring about 250 Cabrália citizens in their training center. Then the Germany NT arrived and: When not training, they socialized with the citizens in the town or in the beach, partied with the citizens, were kind to the fans always talking to them/taking pictures with them. About the win against our team: they were respectful with us, said that their idols were brazilian legends and that we shouldn’t lose our pride. They are thankful for the way they were welcome here. And they’ll donate the things they built to the population. It’s impossible not to support these guys.”

I translated this because people think it’s just because they beat Argentina. It’s not. (via argentie)


Telling your parents your going to Germany for a year to study, but really it’s to hunt down a German Footballer husband

can i punch robben in the face


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